Create A “STAR” Strategy For A Life Of Wealth And Abundance


Did you know, we are about to enter into an epic year that is lined up to be full of wealth and abundance.


We are entering the year of 2024, which holds the power and energy of the 8 in numerology, a number which represents wealth and abundance.

But here is the thing!

If you don’t have a STAR strategy for this epic year, you will not receive all of the wealth and abundance you desire and deserve. It won’t just happen by chance. You must manifest, plan and implement what you want, in order to ensure that you create this life for yourself.

This process of manifestation to creation is known as the STAR strategy. And, what this strategy can create for you is a life and business that is fully in alignment with what you TRULY want, and what you came here to unleash into the world.

When we talk about manifesting, a huge part of the manifestation process is getting clear on what you want from your life and in your business, so that in a 2024 year, your energy, the vibration frequency, your messages, your offerings, are fully in alignment with what you wish to experience and create.

And your strategy is the practical strategy of moving you through 2024, so you can, every step of the way, feel the abundance and wealth that is all around you for the taking.

Your STAR strategy is a very clear roadmap, or action plan, that brings your soul joy every step of the way, it is empowering you to control the parts you have control over, attracting in what you desire, and celebrating by being who you want to be along the way, every step of the way.

By creating a STAR strategy, you have an action plan that your soul is fully committed to, and this my friend, is what will ensure you can deliver on it.

So many incredible STAR-led entrepreneurs fail at creating the life and business they want, because they don’t allow themselves the time to explore what they want on that deeper level, and then they don’t make the changes the want, maybe due to social conditioning, the habits and automatic behaviours they have learned so far in their life, and likely they don’t believe that can. So, they stay doing what they’ve always done, because that’s easier, it’s what we know and it’s what we “should” be doing.

A life of shoulds is not a life of wealth and abundance, and when you get behind your STAR strategy energetically on a soul level, your purpose, your life’s mission, is fully embodied in what it is you want to unleash into the world, and guess what happens when you do…. The universe delivers what it is you want.

So in this months blog I want to talk to you about the  The 4 Essential Steps To Create A “STAR” Strategy For A Life Of Wealth And Abundance

These exact 4 steps are what I call my STAR code. It is something, as a soul-led being, I came to unleash into the world to empower more STARs to sprinkle their magic into the planet and to have the impact they came here to, so that one soul at a time, we are raising the vibrational energy of the planet and the entire universe.

What is a STAR? It is an entrepreneurial being who is leading a:


The S in the STAR code stands for Soul.

You are a STAR if you live a soul-led, purpose driven life.  Your soul is your intuition. Have you ever woken up and just felt that what you are doing isn’t right, you have an itch to scratch, you just know that there is something you must do, differently or with greater impact.

The first step in the The 4 Essential Steps To Create A “STAR” Strategy For A Life Of Wealth And Abundance, is to get really clear on your soul’s calling, your purpose, what you come here to do.

So ask yourself this: what was the impact you came here to make?

This might be completely different to what you’re doing now. Just because you have a career as a financial adviser, doesn’t mean that is where you get to have the biggest impact. Maybe you are here for something far greater?


The T in the STAR code stands for Time.

You’re a STAR if you live your life knowing that time is our most valuable asset, that time is for the essence, and therefore you want to make the most of your time on earth to ensure you unleash your impact when you choose.

The second step in the The 4 Essential Steps To Create A “STAR” Strategy For A Life Of Wealth And Abundance, is to get really clear on your lifepath, on your roadmap, on how you can make the most of your time.

So ask yourself this: if there were just 24 hours left, what didn’t I get to do, who didn’t I get to be, do or have in life?

This is a powerful question, because your roadmap shouldn’t be about the destination, it is about the journey, and ensuring that you live your best life and have impact, every step of the way!


The A in the STAR code stands for Abundance.

You’re a STAR if you seek to create and experience ABUNDANCE in its truest form for all. Wealth and abundance isn’t just about money, it is about life, experiences, impact and legacy. The footprints you leave behind, the legacy you leave, leaves an imprint for the future. What you do in life and business matters for everything in the entire universe.

The third step in the The 4 Essential Steps To Create A “STAR” Strategy For A Life Of Wealth And Abundance, is to create the roadmap to wealth through abundance in the present moment.

So ask yourself this: what legacy do you want to leave behind, and what is the very first step to living that abundance in the present moment.

We are all eternal beings at soul level, but your human experience is the reality of the universe, and your footprints and imprints matter, you have more power than you realise. It is time to unleash that power of being abundant.


The R in the STAR code stands for Real Rurtun..

You’re a STAR if you seek to build a real RETURN for yourself and others. When we think of returns, we think of financial gains, of profits, of money in the bank, or how much we have made or lost. This way of thinking will always leave you in a scarcity mindset, you will never be free to be abundant if you constantly live in lack and connected to a real return based on what you accumulate.  

The fourth step in the The 4 Essential Steps To Create A “STAR” Strategy For A Life Of Wealth And Abundance, is to build real returns in all aspects of you, from your body, mind, heart and soul.

So ask yourself this: where do you need to invest to build a real return in your life or business right now?

A real return is way more than money. It isn’t just about squirrelling money away into a pension or ISA, it is about investing into the rich ways you can build wealth and abundance for your soul and your soul’s mission. To empower you to be everything you came her to be.

Just remember one thing, at the end of your human experience in this life, you will be remembered for the life you left and the impact you made and the legacy you leave behind, NOT the money or physical assets you accumulated.


Each and everyone of us is made of STARdust, our planet exists because stardust from the very beginning of the universe came together around the new star which is our sun billions of years ago, including our very DNA.

Therefore you are a STAR. Meaning to thrive you need a STAR strategy to ensure that your time on earth is fully in alignment with what you came here to do.

Strategy Day: 17 January 2024 (Power of 8)

I want to welcome you to the STAR Investment Planning Strategy Day. Hosted me, Emma Wright,  a 5⭐️ rated Times Listed Certified Financial Coach, Chartered Financial Planner, Chart Topping Podcaster with Wealth Unchained, here to empower you to have the most 2024 and your STAR.

You are here because you are a true STAR, a SOUL-led entrepreneur ready to master your TIME to create ABUNDANCE and build a REAL return on investing. Investing in creating wealth that will have a massive impact.

Join me at the Saunton Sands Source Spa Hotel on 17 January 2024.

A day like no other. Your chance for you to connect with yourself, your soul, and with other amazing STARs, including me.

  • We will start the day with yin yoga and breathwork so that you can clear out those mind monkeys and step into creativity.
  • We will then spend time building your 2024 STAR strategy with tools I have tried and tested in my own business, based around the STAR code.
  • You will have time for yourself, in the gorgeous thermal spa, on the beach, sea swimming, doing whatever makes your star shine.
  • We will finish the day clearing out our chakras of energy that aren’t going to serve you, so you leave fully embodied in your strategy.

2024 is an energy 8 in numerology, it represents wealth and abundance, but if you don’t have a strategy for this year, you will not just receive the wealth and abundance you desire and deserve, it doesn’t just happen by chance. You must plan and implement, with a STAR strategy fully in alignment with what you want

If you’re reading this after 17 January 2024, do not worry. Just email us at for more information on how you can work with us.

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