Six Steps to Invest

Don’t think you could be an investor? Think again!

One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of wealth management is that investing should be left to the professionals. I created The Six Steps to Invest to empower you to become your own financial planner, giving you true independence and more money to invest. Read on to discover how.

You might think that with my first-class degree in financial derivatives, 10 years on the trading floor in the City of London, and a further decade spent as a financial planner, I’ve always been an ace investor.

That isn’t the case.

My approach to wealth creation is informed by my own story, and when it began, I still had a lot to learn. The truth is that while I was acing it on the trading room floor, in my personal finances I was haemorrhaging cash. Even though I knew how to trade on the stock market, I wasn’t investing for myself other than putting money into my pension. In the meantime, I was leaking a huge amount of money to tax, especially after my earnings tipped over the 100k mark.

I’d been putting just 4% of my pay into my pension, and I’d hit a tax rate of effectively 60%. At the same time, I was spending more money because my pay had gone up – but overall, I didn’t feel any wealthier.

After a decade in London, I moved to North Devon and retrained to be a chartered financial planner. The move and career change gave me space to reflect on how I approached my own finances and started me on the road to true financial independence.

Here’s the thing: the key to managing your finances and holding on to wealth isn’t working harder. It isn’t necessarily earning more. It’s financial planning. You need to really understand your tax allowances, understand how you’re impacted by your earnings, and then set up some investment pots. It’s something you can do quite easily for yourself – it’s as simple as opening a bank account.

Most people find the prospect daunting, however – which is why they turn to financial advisors to handle their investments for them. The problem is, your financial advisor will take a percentage of your initial investment and a percentage fee for managing it – and that adds up over time.

That’s what led me to create The Six Steps to Invest. It’s designed to empower anyone to understand where they are leaking money and then take a series of simple steps to get started with investing. It’s a financial planning journey in which you give each investment pot a specific purpose, enabling you to retain and increase your wealth and live your best life now and in the future.

The beauty of the six steps is that you can apply them over and over and again, creating new pots as your needs change – for example, when a child comes along or you want to save for a deposit on a property.

The more you repeat the process, the more of a pro you become, and the more empowered you feel. The compound impact you have on your future wealth is phenomenal because you’re not leaking money to fees. Just think what 1%+ paid to a financial advisor during your lifetime of investing could add up to.

Want to see how simple it is?

Here’s your Six Steps to Invest:

Step 1 – Set your financial intention

You can’t do anything until you know what your money is for and when you need to be able to access your money.

Step 2 – Select your investment account

There are five different investment account options for you to choose from, so understanding which best suits your purpose from an ISA to a pension is essential.

For example, a pension may be the best option for long-term investments, but you’ll need to look at other options if you want to access your money sooner.

Step 3 – Define your personal attitude to investing

When you work out the level of return you want and the amount of risk that you are happy with, you can confidently dial risk up and down your expected risk vs return.

Step 4 – Style your investment

This is a really fun one. Consider the difference between investing for income or for growth; passive and active funds; ethical versus non-ethical funds. When you get a clear understanding of the different types of investments you can make, you’ll feel confident choosing one that suits your financial intention and personal values.

Step 5 – Select a platform or provider

Not all platforms or fund supermarkets are equal. Robo Advisor, Hargreaves, Vanguard, Nutmeg – choose the one that gives you everything you need, which is why this is almost the final step.

Step 6 – Hit invest!

You now have all the ingredients you need, so the final step is to put it into action.

If this blog inspires you and you want to become an investor, I have a very special offer for you.

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Are you in?

The Six Steps To Invest online programme is self-paced, and repeatable, and we continually refresh it with the most up-to-date information and advice. The world of wealth management is constantly evolving, and our regular updates to the programme reflect the latest developments. A one-off investment in the course will give you ongoing access to all updates.

The Six Steps to Invest is a tried and tested approach – it worked for me and it’s worked time and time again for my clients. My mission is to make you financially independent and free to live your very best life. Managing your own investments is far simpler than you think – you really don’t need to pay a financial advisor. Join me in the financial independence revolution!

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