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The power of wealth management lies in financial planning, not necessarily in products you buy.

At Independent Wealth we have a range of professional financial planning, financial coaching and financial educational services that empower you to live your best life today, and for the rest of your days.

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Financial Coaching Services 

Do you feel stuck in the same cycles?

The way you manage your money is controlled by your relationship with money, your subconscious belief systems, and the financial habits you have built up over a lifetime. What you think about money, deep down, really does impact what you do with it, how much you accumulate, and how you experience it.

Financial coaching with a certified financial coach is life changing. It can totally transform your relationship with money. Not only will you master your financial skills, you will also learn to love your money and everything that it can give you.

If you’re getting started in business and need to connect with your wealth, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll empower you to move forward with the practical aspects of managing your money and begin your journey to wealth. If you’ve already built a business and want to take your wealth to the next level, we’ll help to get you there. And if you’re an employee seeking financial independence, we have a pathway for you too.

The Wealth Society

Group professional mentorship for business owners who want to master their wealth

If you’re starting out in business and want to ensure you make enough profit to build your wealth, join our founder Emma Wright in The Wealth Society.

The Wealth Society is a professional group mentorship programme that helps business owners master their money management.

Time is your biggest asset when it comes to building wealth. Forming healthy habits can unlock the life of your dreams. We’ll help you make sure your time, energy and money all work for you.

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Wealth Strategy Coaching 121

Realise your dream of having more time and more money

Your biggest asset, alongside time, is you. Harness your knowhow and intellectual property properly, and your wealth will grow.Whether you’re building a profitable business or working hard as an employee, if you’re working harder than ever and have hit a revenue ceiling, it’s time to stop trading your time for money.

Build on the strong foundations you’ve already created with additional revenue streams, consistent cash flow and true passive income strategies that serve you and nobody else.

Be empowered to take actions that leverage your money, time and energy.

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Financial Planning Services

For long term success, that you feel the impact of now

We believe that the only way to create an unbiased financial plan is to be truly independent of investment products.

That’s why we won’t sell you any financial products.

When we design your bespoke wealth strategy, we’ll empower you to make more money with ease and manage as much of your finances for yourself as possible.

By cutting out the middleman we make sure you hold on to more of YOUR wealth.

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Wealth Management Advice-Only Financial Planning Service 121

Are you making plenty of money but leaking much of it to unwanted tax?

It’s time…. to get a bespoke financial plan that empowers you to build financial security, freedom and independence.

Our chartered financial planners use holistic and comprehensive pension and tax-led investment planning to help you reach your goals.

Whether you’re building a profitable business or working in business, it’s time to hold on to more of your wealth and make the money you’ve made work for you.

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The Independence Game Plan 121

A truly unique experience designed to give you everything you want in life.

We’ll show you how to;

  • Stop trading time for money.
  • Stop planning your life based solely on your current means.
  • Create wealth-generating strategies that empower you to double your business revenue every year for 5 years, adding a 2% compound outperformance compared to your peers’ bottom line.
  • Get back valuable time and energy whilst generating more money than you need so you can have the impact you want, whilst living your best life when it matters, which is right now!

Are you ready to change lanes and implement your Independence Game Plan?

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Wealth strategy coaching and planning with a qualified Chartered Financial Planner is empowering. It will free up the time and energy you need to live a life you love. The best thing is, you’ll get to financial independence sooner than you think.

Financial Education

Don’t lose money to hidden fees

All our services are built on our passion for educating people so they can manage as much of their money as possible. This cuts their investment fees and helps them hold on to more of their wealth.

Hidden fees are a wealth reducer. By understanding exactly how your investments work and what fees you should be paying, are paying, and can consolidate, you can see the wood from the trees. The compound impact of unwanted investment fees is huge. We’ll show you how to hold on to more of the gains over time.

“Vanguard found that clients with a financial planner benefited on average by around 3% per annum more than those without.”

Financial Education with Emma Wright

Seeing is believing

Our 1-2-1 services are underpinned by sophisticated cash flow forecasting to bring your plans to life. We’ll create an empowering wealth strategy template especially for you, and we’ll show you how those plans will impact your long game.

You’ll discover the benefits of taking bold moves with your financial and business plans.

Transparency is everything when you work with us. There are no hidden “advice” fees. You know what you’re paying for and why. You are empowered to take charge of your financial future, creating financial independence for you and your family.