7 Steps to Raise your Vibration to Create your Ideal Life


When I learned to raise my vibration, my reality changed. I attracted the clients I wanted to work with and started living a more fulfilled and prosperous life. Here’s how to achieve the same for yourself.


It’s no coincidence that people talk about a place or person having “good vibes”, or an experience being “uplifting”. People, places, and things we do, from reading books to going for a run – all have the power to raise or lower our vibrational energy.

This is an important point, because like attracts like – so if you want to attract beneficial clients, friends and experiences into your life, you need to raise your vibrational energy.

This lesson has been hugely important to me on my journey. Raising my vibration has been transformative; it’s enabled me to attract clients who are literally on the same frequency, bringing positive results for me and for them.

When I started my business, my energy wasn’t where it should have been. My confidence had taken a knock. Before I had my son Harry, I’d been buzzing with positive energy, which I believe was fundamental to my success. People wanted to work with me not just because of my knowledge and experience but also because of my energy and how I made them feel.

After having Harry, I found myself in a place of low-frequency energy – and I was attracting very similar energies. I was undercharging for my services, and the clients I worked with were not committed to creating change in their lives.

Then, everything changed. I gave myself and my business a reboot, with a focus on generating high-vibe energy. The results were extraordinary: remarkably quickly, I had positive, motivated clients, everything was flowing smoothly, and I was enjoying greater abundance.

I’m now able to look up from the day-to-day and consider the bigger picture, aligning my business with my ideal vision for my life. I’ve set intentions to help me progress. One was to be able to take August off to enjoy time with my family. It’s been wonderful, and next year we’re going to spend August exploring Sri Lanka together.

Attracting the right clients for my business has made my work much more rewarding. It’s been so transformative that I want to share with you the seven steps I took to raise my vibrational energy to create my ideal business and lifestyle.

Step 1: Take time out to refresh and reset

For me, this meant going on a retreat. I invested time and money on an energy-focussed retreat in Jersey led by a valued mentor who embodied the direction I wanted to take with my life and my business. I took along a high-energy companion, and as part of the retreat we undertook the Wim Hof Challenge, which harnesses the transformative effects of cold water therapy, breathing techniques, and mental focus. It was extraordinary, and gave me an immediate energy shift.

Step 2: Find an activity that boosts your energy

The Wim Hoff experience sparked a hunger for more cold water, so I set a goal to go into the sea regularly, all year round. My husband James and I now go to the beach together every weekend, whatever the weather. This always gives me a boost if my energy has dipped – the shift in my vibration is palpable.

Step 3: Set ambitious goals

Setting goals that take you outside your comfort zone will broaden your horizons, build your confidence, and expand your sense of what is possible – and all of this helps to raise your vibration.

I wanted to push myself beyond my limits, so I did a challenge that truly scared me: I learnt scuba diving. Descending into a dark and murky quarry, fighting the fear that I couldn’t breathe, is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Now I’ve got my PADI diving certification and I’ve booked my next dive for September. Before Christmas, I’m planning to go to Egypt and do two dives out there. When we go to Sri Lanka, I’ll dive there too.

Is there something that terrifies and excites you? When you set life-changing goals that take you out of your comfort zone, it challenges you and pushes you forward in your business, encouraging you to take informed risks.

Step 4: Let your true self shine

When you stay true to yourself and fully embrace your individuality, your energy levels get a boost because you’re living a life of authenticity – and people respond to that. When I worked in investment banking, I was my true, 100% authentic, loud, northern self and people loved it. When I entered the wealth management sector, I felt I couldn’t be me – it seemed such a formal, uptight environment. But by trying not to be me, I was crushing my energy. It was making me unhappy, so I made a commitment to show my true personality. These days I feel brighter, happier, and more relaxed – and people respond to that.

Step 5: Get clear on your purpose

Decide what gives your life purpose and meaning. In Japan, this is known as your ikigai. Once you understand your ikigai, let it guide your life and career. This will raise your energy levels and bring positivity into everything you do.

My ikigai is to do what I can to help reverse the climate crisis, one pound at a time. I believe every single one of us is here to do something to make the planet better. Sadly, we get stuck in the rat race and conditioned by goals and values that don’t truly serve us or the planet. We live fast-paced lives, over-consuming instead of tuning in to what truly fulfils us. All of this drives the planet further into crisis.

I help my clients to create wealth in ways that benefit them and the planet. I help them to invest sustainably and ethically. I believe that by putting more wealth into the hands of people who are working to save our planet, we really can save the world. I run my business as ethically as possible, supporting earth-friendly charities and creating time to do voluntary conservation work, which will be an important part of our trip to Sri Lanka.

Step 6: Curate your client list

Interestingly, if you follow steps 1-5, step 6 will happen almost spontaneously. When you get clear on what you want to do in your life and run your business in alignment with that, your vibrational energy rises, and you become a magnet for clients who are on your wavelength. I keep finding that when I talk with new clients, I get goosebumps because we are so aligned. These are people who do amazing work, and I want to work with them.

Step 7: Create high-vibe circles

Spending time with other high-energy people propels continuous growth and self-improvement. This doesn’t mean everyone has to be on the exact same wavelength. Bouncing off people with different views and philosophies can help you to grow. You’ll also find people who have higher vibrational energy than you, and time spent with them will uplift and inspire you. I have a diverse yet complementary network of friends and family who challenge and excite me, ensuring I don’t get siloed in my own narrative. I’m forever grateful for their presence in my life and the role they play in helping me to stay fresh, energised and on course.

If these 7 steps resonate with you, reach out, send us an email at hello@myindependentwealth.com today and we will arrange a free 30 minute wealth revelation zoom. Change your energy, change your life, and it all starts with one simple action.


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