Three proven practical steps to create abundance, so you can live your best life NOW.

If you’re an entrepreneur but always feel overworked and short of money, then

these Three Proven Practical Steps to Create the Abundance You Desire are for you.


How do we know? Our founder, Emma Wright, has been where you are: making a good income, but wondering where all the money goes, and feeling unfulfilled. Since applying these three simple steps, Emma has created more abundance AND more time in her life – Emma has even taken up scuba diving! It’s been transformative for her.

Emma has been passionate about wealth creation throughout her career. She has spent many years working in finance – in the City of London, then as a financial advisor, financial planner and financial coach.

In that time, Emma has built up a huge amount of knowledge about how to manage money and make investments. But it wasn’t until she started looking more holistically at wealth management that she found the keys to take her own wealth, and clients’ wealth, to the next level.

When you view your life through the lens of your ikigai, suddenly everything slots into place.

Ikigai is a Japanese word for the thing that gives your life purpose and meaning. Research conducted by Firms of Endearment shows that people who implement the ikigai methodology into their business planning experience profits that outperform their peers by 2% per month, which means you can expect to double your income every three years.

Independent Wealth’s approach to wealth creation is now built on robust financial planning and the ikigai.

Financial planning is an important foundation for creating wealth: research by Vanguard found that it will make you 1.5% – 3% better off year on year than those who don’t plan. But applying the ikigai concept will take your performance much higher.

When we work with the ikigai, we’ll invite you to view your life through four overlapping lenses: what you love, what you are good at, what you get paid for, and what the world needs. Your ikigai sits at the intersection of these four areas.

Guided by your ikigai, you’ll create a life of delight and excitement, but not at the expense of your comfort and security. You’ll feel fulfilled because you’ll know that the way you’re building your wealth not only feels meaningful to you, but also for the planet and the lives that inhabit it.

Create Abundance

The three proven practical steps to create the abundance that you desire, so you can live your best life NOW.

1. Reveal

Before you plan your money, you need to plan your best life, and set life-changing goals. This is where you will discover YOUR ikigai!

Identify the roadblocks that stand in the way of manifesting your perfect life, and then create your personal roadmap to success so that you can smash through those roadblocks, one empowered step at a time. By the end of the Reveal stage, you need to have mapped out your next 12 months in business and you’ll be able to give every pound a purpose using a spend, save, invest formula.

2. Analyse

You need to get wealth aware and understand where you already are on this journey to wealth.

We do this in two ways:

  1. Create your bespoke Wealth Strategy Template so that you can manifest the life you want, one £ at a time. You’ll understand where you are on your journey, and
  2. equipped with your own HapNav (Happiness Navigator – a lifechanging financial planning app) – you’ll have a compass to help you find your way and be your own financial planner.

3. Create

Never be limited by your current means, you are your biggest asset, and your wealth is within you.

When you uncover a shortfall in the Analyse step, here we create wealth generating strategies to plug the gap. You need to conduct a deep dive into your business, your ikigai, your entrepreneurial wealth-generating ventures, your internal assets, and your intangible assets.

Remember, we are not limited by our current means: we can rewrite our stories and create our own happy-ever-afters. The secret is to understand the best ways to make money for yourself, and how to be smart with that money so that it creates more money.

But are you ready for change? Because to take these 3 bold steps to wealth, you will be required to create new habits.

We have worked with business owners who have made their first million, but are haemorrhaging money because they have brought their personal bad habits into their business. It’s an expensive mistake to make. The cost of inaction is huge – and so are the benefits of taking control.


If you want to know more about taking these 3 steps email us today!

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