The 4 Keys to Financial Success

Here’s my simple formula for creating a life of wealth and purpose.

Most of us want more wealth, more time, and a sense of purpose and fulfillment in our lives.

The question many of us face is how to achieve those things. It’s something I hear a lot from my clients, so I’ve boiled it down to a simple formula to help you steer your way to success.

This formula is the Four essential S’s:



Saleability; and


Read on to discover how to use these principles to create your perfect life balance.

1. Sustainability

Sustainability matters on three levels: the business you build, your approach to managing the money you then make, and your approach to investing.

When it comes to your business, it’s worth remembering that if we build our wealth by damaging the planet, we’re all losers in the long run. An environmentally sustainable business will stand the test of time in a fast-changing world. It will make you money in a way you can feel proud of. And it will appeal to the new generation of customers and clients who really care about the sustainability credentials of the things they buy. You ignore your future buyers at your peril.

When you’re managing your money, it’s important to plan in a way that means you can sustain your lifestyle. If you draw sustainably from your wealth, you can ensure it lasts, and that you’ll have money to pass on to your loved ones too. It’s about spending with intent so that you are not constantly consuming and shedding money unnecessarily. When you’re more present in your life, and you really appreciate what’s all around you in the here and now, you’re able to conserve energy (including your money) and build the life you truly want. No wastage, absolutely no budgeting and just mindful spending based on your plan.

Sustainable investment is about placing ESG – environmental, social and governance principles – at the heart of your investing decisions. ESG investing is not just a good for the planet. It also makes financial sense, because companies that are sustainable will be here tomorrow. They’re going to maintain their profitability. Right now, people are disinvesting heavily in companies that are not good for the planet. They are setting an example for us all to follow.

2. Scalability

If your business is built on trading your time for money, there’s a limit to how far you can grow your business, and you’ll be at risk of burnout. The secret is to build a business that’s scalable – a business where, instead of working one-to-one, you can provide your product or service to many people at the same time.

To achieve this, you’ll likely need to recruit people who can take on tasks you are less good at, don’t like, or need extra support in. This will boost the strength and scalability of your business and protect your time and energy. As well as building your own team, you can outsource work to expert contractors.

It’s also important to get your pricing correct from the outset, to ensure you are not trading too much time for too little money, meaning it will take you a lot longer to scale – another situation that can lead to burnout. Scaling your business is very intentional. It takes thought and planning, so consider it right from the start of your business and progress one step at a time to grow your wealth.

3. Saleability

To build wealth, you need assets you can trade, and your business is one of those assets. Whatever your business is, you need to make it a strong and trusted brand. This means that when you’re ready to sell, people will want to buy it.

To achieve this, you need a good marketing system and all the systems and processes that will enable someone to purchase the business and carry on without you in it. With this in mind, be sure to surround yourself with amazing people who could run the business without you.

At the end of the day, your business needs to become a sellable asset. It’s the same with anything you invest in: you need to diversify your investments and choose assets you’re confident you’ll be able to sell in the future to release money for new activities or investments.

Whatever assets you create or acquire, you should always consider their fundamental saleability in the light of the four Ps:

Purpose: does it give your life meaning, beyond making money?

People: how does it affect others?

Planet: how does it impact the planet?

Profit: will it create profit?


Creating a business that is underpinned by these four Ps can create a quadruple bottom line in terms of revenue and it will help you future-proof your business or investments, and ensure that they’re in line with your ikigai – the thing that gives your life meaning and purpose.

The other benefit of the quadruple bottom line is that it will make your business far more appealing to buyers and investors. As people’s priorities become more centred around making money while benefitting the planet, its wildlife and its people, the quadruple bottom line is the icing on the cake and is a way to future-proof the saleability of your business.

Put in the right balance of your time, energy and money and over time you’ll grow a great brand that will attract the right buyers.

4. Simplicity

Finally, let’s talk about simplicity. Simplicity is essential to living a fulfilled life while building wealth. When we over-complicate things, we make life stressful and chaotic.

We’re told that we have to work really hard and be really busy to make money, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Fundamentally, we have to show up for our clients with good energy, we have to do what we say we’re going to do, and we have to give them a really great outcome. If you’re joyful about what you do, the rest will follow naturally.

You need to make decisions that will protect you from overwhelm and overwork. Don’t give yourself a to-do list with 50 things on it. Break it up into manageable chunks. Consider what you can achieve today that’s going to have huge impact and bring you joy.

Also: charge the right amount for what you do. This means you won’t be chasing after extra clients just to make ends meet. And when you come across something that isn’t in your zone of genius, collaborate with people who can support you, so that you can focus on your ikigai while sharing your wealth and success with others and delivering something incredible for your client.

Don’t fear surrounding yourself by people that are better than you. What you do is amazing. And what other people do is amazing. It’s all about being part of the web that creates abundance for all.

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