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At Independent Wealth we’re on a mission to empower more unapologetically ambitious people in business to step into wealth.

Living your best life

Great financial planning is about more than just investment products. We’ll help you nail down your vision for your life and then make it a reality. It’s not just about how much money you’ll make and accumulate, but what you’ll do with it. Our wealth strategies and tax-led financial plans span all aspects of your life and business. We uniquely combine open, honest and unbiased advice-only financial planning with life-changing financial strategy coaching.

The result? You build recurring revenue and create passive income so you can enjoy wealth throughout your life, not just at the end of it.

We work for you, nobody else.

Typical financial advice provides products for the money you’ve already made. The adviser will recommend investment solutions to help you get to the next level. But if your adviser is under pressure to sell products to you, they won’t always have your best interests at heart. What you really need is advice that’s aligned with your life’s vision, not with a sales agenda.

Independent Wealth is a fee-based financial planning, financial coaching and financial education service. We don’t sell products – we provide expert advice and mentorship. There are no hidden commissions or arrangements. We’re not driven by targets or a sales agenda. We’ll give you advice that is completely unbiased and bespoke to you.

Advice-only financial planning

We believe that the only way to create an unbiased financial plan is to be truly independent of investment products. That’s why we won’t sell you any financial products. When we design your bespoke wealth strategy, we’ll empower you to make more money with ease and manage as much of your finances for yourself as possible. By cutting out the middleman we make sure you hold on to more of YOUR wealth.

We provide advice-only financial planning and wealth management coaching. That means we’re fully independent of product selling and proud to be unbiased, working wholeheartedly to your agenda.

Our approach is unique

We make money management comprehensive, spanning all areas of your life and business, not just about the standard investment solutions that you’d expect. We create tailor made solutions that keep it elegant and straightforward – solutions that are easy for you to understand and put into action.

We’re a family business and we’ll empower you to live your life knowing you’re making the best choices for you, your family, and your business.

Whatever stage you’re at, there is a route to wealth for you.

We’ll give you advice-only financial coaching and planning that is:



independent, and


Our unique approach is built on our wealth building framework.

It has three steps:

Financial Security

Relax knowing your money will support you

At the heart of your wealth is financial security. When you feel safe, secure, and in control of your finances, you can then truly enjoy a financially free lifestyle.

Being an employee can make you feel secure, but this income could stop at any time. Financial security means making enough income to live with ease and confidence for yourself, creating consistent cash flow and recurring revenue that you are in control of. It’s about having money there if you need it, for an emergency.

Financial Freedom

Lead a life you love, right now

Financial freedom means living an unapologetically wealthy life. A life in which you truly enjoy and inhabit the present moment.

You do what you want when you want, and spend your time, energy and money in line with what really matters to you. You have the profit and income you need to spend on a lifestyle you love. You also know the value of saving for what you seek, knowing that if you want to spend your money, you have the means to do it.

Financial Independence

Never have to work again

The ultimate goal is to no longer need to go to work because your assets generate enough passive income to fund your lifestyle.

True independence is only achieved through your investment and business ventures. This isn’t just about investing into pensions and investments, which we will show you how to do. It’s also about investing in alternative assets. It’s about turning your know-how and intellectual capital into money making financial assets that serve you. Do this and you’ll find your independence sooner than you think.

Get excited about investing in the life you desire, inside and outside of business. By becoming financially secure, you can move on to financial freedom and ultimately financial independence.

We’re here to help and guide you every step of the way.

Meet Emma Wright, APFS

Founder of Independent Wealth

Do your finances need a tune-up? Emma has a passion for getting under the bonnet of financial products. She’s a Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Coach with a unique approach built on 20 years’ experience in wealth management and a firm belief that your money should bring you joy.

Emma started out by gaining a first-class honours degree in accounting and derivatives from Manchester University, then spent a decade at the sharp end, working on the dealing floor of two major investment banks in London, manufacturing structured investment solutions.

Eemma Wright, founder of Independent Wealth

She now focuses on empowering others to manage their money and build wealth for themselves. She also has a passion for connecting people with the meaning of their money so they can lead a colourful life that they love.

Emma is an expert in pension planning, tax-led investment planning and estate planning. Her deep knowledge of investments and financial markets comes from her time on the dealing floor and from managing portfolios for high-net-worth clients.

Emma understands how to manage wealth and how to make your money work for you.

As a businesswoman, Emma has become an expert on maximising business profit and planning ready for a future business exit for independence.

She also has a passion for sustainable investment management. She firmly believes that investing for the benefit of the planet can pay dividends in terms of enhanced long term investment performance. She’s on a mission to put more wealth into the hands of people who will do good in the world – so if you want to help restore the global biosphere and slow down the impact of the climate crisis, you’re in the right place. Emma will help you make a difference, one pound at a time.

Emma believes that wealth is for everyone, no matter what stage of business you’re at. She’ll show you how to lead a life of abundance right here, right now. You’ll achieve not only financial abundance, but also an abundance of time and happiness.

With that in mind, Emma created The Wealth Society and Six Steps To Invest. If you’re an early stage business owner, she’ll show you how to master your money and mindset so that you get off on the right track and achieve success faster than if you were flying solo.

Emma is a working mummy to Harry and Rose and is very passionate about creating a pathway to wealth that frees you up to spend time and energy with those you love. She wants you to be fully present for all the magical milestones in your life.

As Featured In…

Emma Wright has been featured in a number of books, articles and publications:

Impact South West Article on Independent Wealth launch

“Emma’s knowledge on the topic of wealth creation is extensive, as is her enthusiasm for sharing it! Delivered in a relaxed style, easy to understand – I would highly recommend.”

Claire, Self-esteem Coach

“Emma has helped me understand how to invest and how to define my goals. I understand clearly my options so I can strategise for the future. I now understand how to engage in conversations about investing, and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I find the discussions interesting and exciting!! With Emma’s help I have set up my first investment!”

Kate, Graphic Designer

“I am in a position where my business is growing and I am making a good income for the first time since before I had kids. Emma helped me uncover all of my revenue streams and my home and business costs, then plot them all on paper so I could see exactly where my money is coming from and where it is going. Before working with Emma I never thought I had a chance of making that much money, but my money blocks have now come to light and I know with Emma’s continued support that not only can I hit my target – I WILL!”

Holly, Web Designer

Emma was inspirational! She expertly guided us through what it really means to be wealthy and challenged us to get curious about our values, how we spend our time, what we save for and even got us thinking about investing. There were so many gems of wisdom in this session and we particularly appreciated that she took the time to explain financial jargon and answer all our burning financial questions.” 

Corporate financial wellbeing and empowerment talk

Charities We Support

Independent Wealth is proud to support charities that have a positive impact on the planet. We believe that without our beloved planet there is no plan B, so we’re committed to sharing a percentage of our profit with these amazing charities:

Global Returns Project
Plastic Free North Devon


Independent Wealth is a proud business partner of the North Devon Biosphere. As part of this important commitment, we pledge to 5 things as part of being a partner.

Global Returns Project