Live a life you love

Unbiased financial planning for a
life of purpose and freedom.


We’ll help you create more money, grow what you already have and protect your wealth so you can make the most of life.

Do you wonder where all of your time and money go? Emma Wright Independent Wealth

Do you wonder where all your time and money go?

Is your mind always at work even when you’re on holiday?

It’s time to change the game so you get your spark back and give heart and soul to that Italian break, skiing holiday, yoga retreat, amazing new business idea that will save the world or whatever you dream of.

Why wait until you retire?

Live a lifestyle you love, right now.  

You’ll get a unique wealth strategy designed around your strengths, assets and wildest dreams. One that creates recurring revenue and passive income streams by using your time, energy and money in a simple and sustainable way.

Be Truly Wealthy
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We’ll help you get the financial independence that gets you off the hamster wheel, by turning all your investable assets into wealth.

Your investable assets are all around you and it is time to put them to work, not you!

Make Time


You can always make more money. You can’t get back time, so spend your time wisely.



You are the heart of what you create. Change your energy, change your life.



You work hard to make your money. Make your money work for you.



Your knowledge, knowhow and intellectual property are of huge value. Profit from these without having to trade your time for money!

At Independent Wealth we provide unbiased advice-only financial planning and wealth management coaching.

What’s ‘advice-only’?

It means we only work for you. We’re not here to sell you financial products. We’re independent, so we’ll always suggest what’s best for you and your wealth.

We’ll help you create the wealth that will serve you and your family for a lifetime.

Financial security leads to financial freedom and makes you truly independent.

…and you’ll achieve it sooner than you think.

Emma Wright Independent Wealth Founder

Why Us?

We believe everyone wins with

Results that benefit you and the planet  

We’re here to support people who have big hopes for our little planet. People who want to do something transformative with the abundance they have created. They want to use their financial independence as a force for good. That’s why we don’t just help you build wealth for you and your family. We help you look at the bigger picture, define your purpose, and lead a life that’s wholeheartedly aligned with it.

“When more people that want to do good in the world, particularly ambitious entrepreneurs, have a greater share of wealth, more good will happen and the planet will fundamentally benefit. It is a ripple effect.”

Emma Wright, Founder of Independent Wealth.

Your independence starts here…